Why is it that we walked away from church as we knew it and began the journey of reinventing church?

God called us and we had a burning desire to reach Rochester. But we didn't know how.  So we did what we knew:  We did church.  We knew it wasn’t working - that is, we were blessing some people, but what we were doing could never make a real difference in our city.  But we knew nothing else. We could never quit because we had to be faithful to the Father and because we loved the people we were serving.  So we kept going. 

But our world as we knew it changed in the summer of 2017.  The Holy Spirit spoke to us that we needed to stop doing what we were doing because he wanted to lead us on a journey of reinventing church. 

That was difficult. But since that time, we've been on an exciting journey of learning what the church could be, what Jesus always intended for it to be. 

So far we've discovered that church can be fun, that it can be powerful without being religious and that it can make a difference in people's lives and in our community.  And we invite you to come join us on this journey, how together we can be a part of something great in Rochester.

Tim & Christine Schmidt