When will the Services Start?

The official launch date is Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018 (but feel free to join us for pre-view services for 3 consecutive Sundays beginning March 11th at 11am).

What do you mean by “reinvent church”?

Certainly the church as Jesus intended it has no design flaws. The problem, of course, is that no group of people has ever executed his vision perfectly (and we don’t expect to be the first!) So the question is, “What was the church intended to do?” And a follow-up to that is, “How can we do it better?”

At its core, the church was designed for one purpose: To reach lost people with the love of Jesus. We were not meant to be a social club of the saved and he never intended the church to be a place of refuge from the world. In fact, we’re not supposed to be finding shelter from the world; we’re supposed to be an invading force that changes it! With that as our principal objective, how are we doing? Are we reaching the current generation? That must always be the metric by which we measure success.

Today, the vast majority of people under the age of 40 feel like church culture is foreign to them and unappealing. That’s a problem. We are here to share the life-changing power of Jesus, but if the way we package that message makes people who are actually hungry for God not open to us, we need to make some changes.

We do not have the liberty to change the message – nor would we ever want to! But how church is done should constantly be re-evaluated to make sure we haven’t gotten stuck in a style that is actually counter-productive to our mission.

We say we’re going to “reinvent” it because people’s impression of what church is like (boring, judgmental, religious, out-of-touch) has nothing to do with what the church is really all about. We want to change those things and we want people who have written off the church to give it another look.

What will the name of the church be?

The name of the new church is Journey. Check out

What will the music style be like?

While we respect the fact that musical style is a reflection of personal preference – and no style of music is inherently spiritual or unspiritual, for us, Bethel Music is the gold standard of what we want to be. It is fresh but it is passionate and unashamedly in love with Jesus.

That’s not to say that there won’t be opportunities for other styles of music to be incorporated in our weekend worship events (aka, “church services”). We’d love to find ways for rap, gospel and maybe even an occasional hymn to be a part of the service.

What will the messages be like?

The messages will be 30-40 minutes in length, practical, life-giving and most of all, be thoroughly grounded in the Word of God. Just because you have a contemporary service that appeals to the sight and sound generation doesn’t mean you have to be shallow in the messages. We never will be.

Want to watch a sample? Below is a link to a message Tim preached at a church in central NY in 2016. It is the only video recording we’re aware of. We caution you in advance, though: The video quality is poor. But the content will bless you. It will give you a good glimpse…. [(Watch Message)

What will make this church different than others?

Every church is different. Each has a unique assignment, flavor and emphasis. What might make us different are four things we’re very passionate about – two that involve our weekend worship experience and two that involve our focus in general.

In our services, the two things we might be considered to be unusually passionate about are worship and the word. In both, I think you can sum it up in three words: Let’s go deeper! In these areas, we do not believe you have to sacrifice depth for style.

In worship, we believe that you can appeal to the unchurched but still passionately worship Jesus. For us, if we do not get deep into the presence of the Lord, what’s the point? In regards to the messages, teaching the Word of God is what we’re all about. We’re not satisfied with shallow messages that appeal only to those who don’t know Jesus. The messages must go deep so that seasoned believers feel well fed.

In terms of the overall focus, two things stand out above everything else: First, we want to help create a church where everyone has the heart of the Father to reach lost people. We believe that it’s our primary mandate and we also believe that it’s far easier than we’ve thought. It is possible to be effective without shoving the gospel down people’s throats. In fact, we believe we’re going to be a part of a very great harvest of souls coming to Jesus in Rochester. Secondly, we believe that every believer has a unique calling. Each of us has unique gifts, a unique personality, and unique passions – things the Holy Spirit has stirred our hearts about. These three things together help point us to our individual assignment, our unique calling. And here’s the kicker: no calling that comes from God is less important than any other.

We will always have, as one of our principal focusses helping people discover their place, their purpose – to bring them to the point where they can see clearly, “This is what I was made for!” Being involved in making a difference, doing what you are passionate about, doing what you were born to do - there is nothing more fulfilling than that!

Who will be welcome at this church?

Jesus loved everyone so everyone is welcome. It is sad that anyone would feel that they are not welcome in church. We will make sure that everyone feels accepted and knows what it feels like to experience the presence of God and the love of Jesus in a judgement-free zone.

Where will services be held?

The building where we will be meeting is located at 2090 S Clinton Ave in Brighton, just south of Zebbs and the Tops Plaza.

Will there be children’s services?

Only the best ever! This is a big priority to us. We’ll have a special entrance for families to check-in their kids and a first-class children’s area. It will be safe, clean, well-organized, well-staffed, and fun!

Do you believe in the gifts of the Spirit?

We will unapologetically be a Spirit-filled church. We believe the supernatural gifts of the Spirit were given by God to meet the needs of people. People still have needs and God has not retracted his gifts. (But that doesn’t mean we have to be weird about it).

Do you believe in the message of grace – are you “hyper grace”?

Everything about grace is hyper! God poured out his abundant grace on undeserving sinners. There was absolutely nothing we could do to earn his grace in the first place and there is absolutely nothing we are required to do to continue experiencing it.

One of our favorite scriptures on this subject is, For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy (Heb 10:14). Our standing before God is based completely on what Jesus did for us. There is nothing we could add to it. He made us perfect. Being a better person cannot make you any more “perfect” in the Father’s sight than what you already are. (If it could, then “perfect” isn’t perfect).

At the same time, we are in a life-transformative process. We are growing and every area of our lives, for the believer, ought to be being conformed to the likeness of Jesus. But that process is founded on this one simple, unalterable fact: Jesus loves you and there is nothing you could do that could possibly make him love you more. Grace isn’t grace if it’s not radical, undeserved and free. If you are religious or legalistic, let me save you some time: You won’t like this.

How will finances be handled?

We believe in good stewardship – in the wise use of the resources that are made available and that leaders will be held accountable for every penny. Yeah, that’s a little scary.

We believe in total transparency. Everyone who is a part of the church will receive an annual financial statement so that you can see how the money is spent.

We are also in the position where we won’t be receiving a salary from the church. We own a successful business and won’t ever need one.

Generosity is a core value to us. As a church, we will give generously to missions and other local ministries.

We believe that, A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed (Prov 11:25). We have learned that we cannot beat God in giving. But we will never ask for money.

How can I get involved?

Prior to our launch in the spring, we are in the team-building stage. This means we’re looking for people who have a passion for the vision to make a difference in Rochester.

Many have asked the question, “When will the church start?” Our answer is, don’t wait until it’s already started; help us build it! We believe that God has placed gifts, experiences, expertise and a passion inside of you that can no longer remain untapped. Your input is not only welcomed; it is needed!

There are some things about this that we know. These are the things in the Word and the general direction the Lord has clearly given us. These are the non-negotiables. But these provide us with only an outline. There is a very wide gap that needs to be filled in. That’s where we rely on teams of people who are committed to the vision and working together – people who will dream together about the possibilities, about how this could be done. People who will bring their ideas, time and talents to the table and execute the vision, creating the dream church. And people who are fulfilling their own dream by doing what they love to do, being a part of something bigger than themselves and making a difference.

There are presently seven of these groups that are starting to form. We encourage you to find one (or more!) of these groups and get involved!

Whether you’re someone who wants to be involved by sharing ideas and molding the direction of this thing or someone who just wants to help, there’s room for you! Let’s reinvent church together! Go to

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