The two most important dates in your life were the day you were born and the day you found out why you were born.

You were born for a reason.  God has a plan.  You were meant to be a critical part of that plan.  And there is nothing more fulfilling than to discover your purpose – to do what you were born to do, to do what energizes you, and to know that what you do makes a difference.  Because you were born for more than to just sit in church. 

We’d love to involve you in the process of reinventing church!  Please click here to select the area(s) of ministry that interest you. I want to get involved!  We want to connect you to like-minded people to make a difference.

After you’ve done that, we have developed a detailed survey that will help you discover how God made you:   What are your gifts?  How does your personality type impact what you are supposed to do?  What are the passions God has burned on your heart – and how do they indicate what you are supposed to do?

We call this survey “GPS”.  Click on the link below to take the GPS survey.  It will take you about 30 minutes to complete it, but it will send you a detailed report that will help you navigate to your destiny.