Going Deeper

The culture of church is foreign and unappealing to the people who need it the most.  If even people who love the Lord don’t enjoy going there, how could we expect to reach unchurched people?

Thankfully, there’s a new generation of church that is popping up – one that actually speaks the language of today’s culture.  They are reaching people that the more traditional church cannot reach.  And they are making a difference.

The challenge, however, is that sometimes more seasoned believers are hungry for more.  Sometimes, these churches can be a little light on worship and a little shallow in the Word.  Sometimes.

But we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice depth for style.  

That means that in every service, you will be taught the Word.  We have a passion for it. That means that in every service, you will be brought into a place of intimate worship, where you can feel the presence of God.  We have a passion for it.

If you’re hungry for more – if you’re looking for that contemporary worship experience but you want to go deeper in God’s presence and deeper in the Word, this might be the church you’re looking for!

Join us on this journey of reinventing church and making a difference in Rochester.